About Us is a consumer website run by Lorrie Veasey, artist, designer and founder of Our Name is Mud. Lorrie was exposed to ceramics at an early age by her mother, a potter. Although her first pot was created at age three, she did not begin selling her creations until she was forced to supplement her teacher's salary in her early twenties.

From 1987-1995, she sold her creations at various street fairs and festivals throughout New York City. The direct customer feedback she received helped to form the basis for a unique product line with great appeal, and led to the opening of the first of four retail locations in 1995. Building on the success that she enjoyed as a retailer of her own products, she went on to launch a wholesale line in 2002. The Our Name is Mud line was sold to Enesco, LLC. in 2007. Lorrie's ceramic designs are now available in thousands of stores across the world.

Lorrie's designs are characterized by bold colors and witty sentiments that reflect her vivacious personality. She considers herself a craftsperson as opposed to an artist, and values the functionality of a piece as much as the surface design. "I make objects that are to be used and enjoyed on a daily basis. I would rather be in someone's kitchen cabinet than in a glass case. When I design my pottery, I am always aware that the piece may become woven into the everyday fabric of a person's life, or given for an important occasion. It has to be special, unusual, quirky-and feel like it is just PERFECT for yourself or someone you know".

Many of Lorrie's designs have appeared in various television shows, films, and periodicals. Her products have been spotlighted in publications such as Glamour Magazine, Good Housekeeping Magazine, and Parents Magazine. Her work is a favorite of celebrity clients who have included Lindsay Lohan, Julia Roberts, Robert DeNiro, and Bill Murray. She has made appearances on several television shows, including The Fox 5 Morning Show, and consulted on the Rosie O'Donnell show. Lorrie is the original creator of TILES FOR AMERICA, one of the only surviving spontaneous memorials to 9/11 that remains in New York City. This project was featured in the HBO documentary, September 11th, and was the backdrop for President George W. Bush's speech in The Concert for America.

Lorrie lives with her husband Kip, son Jesse and daughter Annie in New Jersey. She creates her designs in her studio and later has them manufactured over seas, but her USA made originals can be purchased here in the special section marked "Lorrie's Originals." is an independent website operated separately from Enesco LLC., the owners and distributors of Our Name is Mud products to retailers across the globe. For questions or concerns about Our Name is Mud products please contact Enesco customer service at